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What I was doing when I posted my link......When I posted my Roe with Me link, I was enjoying time with my little one at the park on a beautiful afternoon! I could not be successful in my business AND personal life if it wasn't for this amazing program... thank you Frahms!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

- Krystle

I was still at work for my full time job. I like to start my Sale early however couldn't do it before RWM since it would take too much time. Now I can post a link and start my sale within minutes. I am grateful for all the time I got back using RWM. I appreciate being able to get my face out of the computer and with the ones o love the most. #whyroewithme

- Bernadette
Boutique Owner

I just posted my link ten minutes ago after uploading 15 pieces of new inventory.... and all 500 pieces of inventory were instantly available to my VIP group to shop without any album uploading delays! Now I can go do bedtime with my little!

- Stefanie
Shoppe User

Shoppe is designed to remove the headache from creating sales and sharing inventory with customers, enabling you to generate more sales in less time. The more time you have for marketing your sales the better off your business is.


Facebook album sales

Facebook Albums

Easily post your items to Facebook albums and get sales reports from Shoppe.

Shoppe online popup sales

Online Popups

Quickly open a popup for any customer anywhere to shop. Using email or text lists? Sell straight to your lists!

Live video sales

Live Video Sales

Coming Soon

Go live from Shoppe to automatically capture item photos and track sold comments.

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Never worry about uploading to Facebook parties again.

Shoppe handles the process for you. Upload your products to any Facebook Group and start rolling in the dough today.

Launch your online home-based business in 3 steps.

Unlike in-home parties, hosting online sales allows your customers to shop without you being there, leaving you time to advertise the your popups and generate more sales. Sounds like more money!

Quickly share a link to your inventory with customers.

Ever get sick of lugging your along from inventory from party to party? Simply share a link to your inventory with Shoppe and start generating sales for your business. Your transit van will thank you.

Keep customers engaged on Facebook.

Shoppe shares comments and claimed items to your group automagically, keeping engagement high during the sale.

Selling on Facebook Live has never been easier

Go live on Facebook and Shoppe will automatically detect sales from customer comments during the sale. Never use “number cards” again. Simply print Shoppe QR codes and each order is tracked automatically by Shoppe. It’s practically magic. Customers check out without ever talking to you, making the invoicing process much smoother.


Shoppe is specifically designed to comply with direct selling companies and makes every effort to do so. *Please review the rules of your organization before using Shoppe.

Get paid to refer friends.

Shoppe pays 30% of the subscription fees over 12 months for each friend you refer. Boom.

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Shoppe Wholesale Marketplace is a place for retailers to buy and sell their products to other retailers outside of Facebook. The Marketplace is a safe and compliant place to transfer inventory.

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Online Sales

Shoppe is an online sales and inventory management platform for direct sales retailers to both sell through social media and outside of.

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Marketeer is an email, sms, and landing page tool that automates the hard parts of selling products online.

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Shoppe Live

Go live directly from Shoppe to sell your products through Facebook Live. Shoppe Live is a `QVC` style broadcasting tool that shows product information on screen, captures sold comments into orders, and interacts with your customers.

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