Marketing assistance for Apparel Jewelry Supplement Novelty Direct Sales Boutique Fashion businesses.

Shoppe automates your sales channels and marketing workflow, allowing you to focus on growing your customer relationships.

(Without Having to Hire or Rely on a Marketer!)

This is Alex, a potential lead This is Alex, a potential lead.

Alex scrolls past your advertisement. Boutique advertisement on Facebook

Alex clicks on your ad and enters her email Giveaway landing page for new leads for your Giveaway.

Shoppe sends Alex a small coupon Coupon that gets sent to Alex as a thank you to your store as a thank you.

Alex clicks through to shop Alex uses the coupon to buy from your Boutique from your store and buys some products.

You get a notification Notifications get sent to the boutique when there is a new order and fulfill the order.

Shoppe gets a review Review from Alex on Facebook or Google from your customer on Facebook or Google.

Shoppe turned Alex into a customer Shoppe turned Alex into a VIP customer.

Trusted by thousands of brands & boutiques

Has your boutique ever
just felt STUCK?

You know what I'm talking about.

You've got these great products to sell...

You post on Facebook about them...

You post on Instagram about them...

You DM your friends about them...

But there NEVER seems to be new customers buying your products! 😡

It's like you're being held hostage by these "algorithms" on Facebook and Instagram!

You don't know how to beat them.

But see other people beating them though!

So hours of research become days, and days become weeks.

You've got bills to pay, and a bunch of unsold inventory just laying around.

If only you could figure out a marketing strategy that actually works...

Sadly, this is where many Boutiques die.

Somewhere between your amazing products and Facebook's algorithms showing your products to people.


This is why THOUSANDS of Boutiques are currently using Shoppe to take the power back from Facebook!

...And Using Shoppe To Build & Launch Marketing Strategies That Sell Products To NEW CUSTOMERS!

Screenshot of the Shoppe dashboard

EVERYTHING You Need To Build And Launch Your Online Product Sales Empire In As Little As 10 Minutes!

With as little as a few clicks of your mouse, you can have your online sales strategy up and running in as little as 10 minutes!

Shoppe includes ALL OF THIS:

  • Online Sales via Party Links (Popups)
  • Sales through Facebook Albums
  • Sold comment tracking
  • Product Giveaways
  • Sales Promotions & Deal Sign-ups
  • Inventory Management
  • Wholesale Marketplace with over 40k items
  • Customer Email & SMS Lists
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

What our community is saying..

What I was doing when I posted my link......When I posted my Roe with Me link, I was enjoying time with my little one at the park on a beautiful afternoon! I could not be successful in my business AND personal life if it wasn't for this amazing program... thank you Frahms!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

- Krystle

I was still at work for my full time job. I like to start my Sale early however couldn't do it before RWM since it would take too much time. Now I can post a link and start my sale within minutes. I am grateful for all the time I got back using RWM. I appreciate being able to get my face out of the computer and with the ones o love the most. #whyroewithme

- Bernadette
Boutique Owner

I just posted my link ten minutes ago after uploading 15 pieces of new inventory.... and all 500 pieces of inventory were instantly available to my VIP group to shop without any album uploading delays! Now I can go do bedtime with my little!

- Stefanie
Shoppe User

What if you could actually remain consistent with your inbound marketing?

(Without having to hire someone to do it for you?)

When's the last time you forgot to send an email for your new products?

Or when's the last time you forgot to send a text message when you went live?

Or If you've NEVER sent an email message or text message for your direct sales business then you are KILLING your potential.

You see... Email marketing and text message marketing are the actual building blocks of your marketing, not social media.

You've been taught wrong this entire time.

Your marketing does not start with Social Media.


I get it... It's hard to always remember to send emails or SMS messages each time.

Did you know that every time you forget to send an email message or text message, you slow down your growth momentum even more.

This is exactly why we added marketing automation to Shoppe!

With Shoppe you can:

  • Automatically send emails when your parties start.
  • Automatically send emails when new customers join your contests.
  • Quickly start online giveways, promotions, and special offers.
  • Have viral loops for your contests.
  • Separate your customer lists into multiple, logical lists.
  • Schedule the send of email messages or text messages.
  • Allow customers to subscribe to your text message list via keyword.
  • Easily import customers to your list.

At Shoppe, our mission is to outfit small business owners with the tools and resources necessary to be able to work from home and become financially free. Our roots come from the mlm space, as I originally started Shoppe for my wife to sell her LuLaRoe clothing outside of Facebook. What started as a platform for direct sales consultants to run their parties on, has turned into marketing automation tools with the goal to help small business owners continue to find new customers and ultimately increase sales.

Ryan Frahm the founder of Shoppe

Ryan Frahm

Founder of Shoppe, Husband, Father

Did you know that Facebook can close your business whenever they want to?

90% That's how much Facebook has killed your views & engagement in the last two years!

Have you felt a dip in your views and engagement since then?

Does it feel like nobody cares about your posts?

And I bet all of your "Training" is teaching you to "Post More Consistently"?

They've said something like, "In order to maximize engagement you need to:" at a certain time in the morning.

...and post at "xyz" time in the afternoon.

I bet it didn't really make a difference did it?

That's because Facebook has commited to showing your content less and less in order to "reduce clutter" in people's feeds.

Now let me ask you something:

"If Facebook locked your account today; Would you still be able to sell products?"

If you can Honestly say Yes, then you've conquered 99% of the problem that boutiques are having when trying to sell online in 2019!

But if your answer is "NO"... Then it's time to take action and break free from Facebook's control of your business!

We've put together a Strategy That Works in 2019 which will allow you to:

  • Sell more products month-over-month
  • Have more time for your friends and family
  • Remain consistent with your inbound marketing
  • Have hassle free sales online

Shoppe allows you to sell via Online Popups and posts to Facebook Albums

Online Party Links (Popups) & Facebook Album Sales

Facebook Album Sales

Popup Links

Checkout Forms

Sold Comment Tracking

Orders Management


Contact Management


Picture of boutique sales on Shoppe

Shoppe automates your SMS and Email sending and gets you new customers through Giveways, Promotions, and Special Offers.

Marketing Automation

Picture of boutique marketing automation

SMS Messaging

Email Messaging




Review Generation


So here's how we
get you new customers

1. New Lead

Image of Facebook ad help on Shoppe

Lead Generation Shoppe helps you set your ad audience, run giveaways and promotions, and convert them into leads.

2. Convert

Online popup photo

Online Sales Leads enter your store through your giveaway, special offer, or coupon and buy your products.

3. Repeat

Shoppe nurturing the customer

Nurturing Shoppe re-engages converted customers again with smart automation to get them excited for your products and purchase again.

Shoppe makes Inventory Management effortless and keeps your products neat and organized.

Inventory Management

Inventory management with Shoppe

Multi-Item Editing

Photo Downloads



Orders Management

Customer Lists

Start selling on Shoppe

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