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We're introducing something to the world that we've been working on for many months! ๐ŸŽŠ

Introducing Marketeer... the first all-in-one marketing solution for Direct Sales Retailers! Marketeer is an SMS, Email, Landing Page, & marketing automation tool built specifically to help you increase sales every month in a direct sales environment!

Where other tools out there cover either email, SMS, or landing pages... Marketeer COMBINES them to provide one cohesive funnel for your customers. Which in turn only increases sales to your customers each month!

Starting at just $50/month you get UNLIMITED emails, UNLIMITED subscribers, up to 3,000 text messages, UNLIMITED landing pages, automation that automatically sends messages when your album sales and popups start, and training from professionals that are constantly researching the best ways to sell more.

Btw, that's like over $150 you can save each month by switching to Marketeer!!

๐Ÿšซ Marketeer is NOT for you if: ๐Ÿšซ

- You don't want to put any effort into marketing each month.

- You see $50 each month for a marketing tool as an expense and not an investment.

- You believe that marketing through Facebook is still a viable option.

- You think marketing is a sprint and not a marathon.

โœ…Marketeer IS FOR YOU if: โœ…

- You realize that having a separate tool for email, sms, and landing pages is a pain for not only you, but also for your customer's experience.

- You constantly forget to create and send email or text message campaigns for your popups, albums or lives.

- You know that marketing your products is a marathon, not a sprint, that compounds on itself each month you consistently do it.

- Facebook keeps letting you down by not showing your content to YOUR followers!! ๐Ÿ˜ก

ALSO, with your Marketeer subscription each month you get access to Shoppe Inventory, album sales, online popups, and our Wholesale Marketplace (if you're an active direct sales retailer). To be clear about this offer... You get access to:

โœ… Text Messaging Marketing

โœ… Email Marketing

โœ… Landing pages (Just like this)

โœ… Automation & Reminders

โœ… Access to Inventory management tools

โœ… Orders management

โœ… Contact management

โœ… Facebook Album Sales

โœ… Online party links (aka Popups)

โœ… The freshest looking website around

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