Chapter 8

Campaign Management

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’ve successfully set up a facebook ad campaign. Luckily, the hard part is over. However, campaign optimization is a crucial element of any marketing campaign if you wish to be successful in the long-term. Begin by opening the drop down menu to display the list of pre-identified KPI metrics

Depending on your chosen goal, choosing a prearranged column will highlight relevant kpi’s that ought to be considered under that given category. For example…

Engagement, will primarily demonstrate kpi’s that illustrate how well your audience is engaging with your ad. Common metrics include: clicks, shares, comments

Generally speaking, it’s typically best to select “Performance and Clicks” as it provides the greatest insight into KPI’s related to a larger, more generally targeted campaign. Common metrics include: impressions, link clicks, total clicks, CTR, conversions