Chapter 3

Audience Targeting

What it is: Yep, you guessed it! This is how you’ll be able to best match your campaign with the audience you’re looking to help.

How to implement: simply go through the campaign steps found on the left-side of the screen until you arrive at audience creation

Pro Tip: when it comes to targeting, a wide range of strategies can be used to reach your audience. However, when creating first campaign, sometimes less is more. Start broad and narrow your criteria for future conversion campaigns as you begin to accumulate data that demonstrates exactly who is engaging with your content. Follow the criteria below when creating your first audience

Location: this depends heavily on your offering. If you’re offering a high-priced item such as pools or hot-tubs and are looking for leads, you’ll want to keep your geo targeting limited to a 15-25 mile radius of the city you’re located in. If you’re promoting online sales, you’ll be able to increase your radius beyond 25-50 miles OR even target additional metros.

Age: age depends primarily on two aspects…

  1. What you’re offering.
  2. How much it costs.

For example…someone who’s 18-21 years old probably isn’t looking to purchase an inground pool. They might however, be very interested in hearing about your online inventory of hair products or fashion conscious clothing. Consider your ideal customer profile, base it on customers visiting your physical location or as a starting point, those known to engage with your brand or purchase your products. All considered, the sweet spot for the majority of b2c products is somewhere between 22-45 years old. Start there.

Gender: similar to age, gender is largely dependent on what you’re offering. Again, this is where it pays to know your audience. Just starting out? No problem. Consider who you think of when you consider your ideal customer or take a look in the mirror. Chances are, people genuinely interested in your product aren’t all that different from yourself! (this goes for all targeting criteria).

Languages: fairly self explanatory…what language do your customers speak ? Are they bilingual? Is there a cultural influence?

Detailed Targeting: this field allows you to add additional targeting for specific demographics, interest groups or behaviours. For example, a pool builder may choose to target people who are interested in landscaping, spas or even swimming pools directly. While additional targeting can be effective, it’s best to refrain from limiting your first campaign by getting too specific. One or two interest groups is fine, 4 or 5 might hurt your reach. Experiment!

Ad Placement & Budget