Facebook Ads 101

8 chapters

We’ve all seen it..the never-ending Youtube ad where a twenty something year old is boasting about his monstrous returns achieved through Facebook ads while an exotic car is parked conveniently in the background. The reality is, there’s a lot more to this picture than simply adding a video to Facebook, allocating $500 in ad budget and waking up the next morning to a 500% ROI and a Ferrari in the garage.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve highly sought-after results from facebook marketing, in fact it continues to be one of the most underpriced platforms in terms of the cost needed to reach your audience.

For context, and to further convince you of Facebook’s value (should you need it), here’s some mind-boggling stats..

  1. Facebook is ranked the 3rd most used visited website, beat out only by the likes of Google and Youtube respectively. This does not however, include mobile apps as Facebook messenger remains in the top spot as the most downloaded, with the Facebook app close on its heels in 2nd place.
  2. Revenue per user has increased by over 40% annually for the past 3 years. This is largely due to Facebook actively favoring user content that holds a higher engagement rate with its audience.

More engagement = more customers for advertisers

More customers = more revenue + measurable ROI = more advertisers joining the network

3. 78% of American retail consumers either found or bought items on Facebook

4. 98% of B2C companies use Facebook, followed by 89% for B2B. In addition, 54% of marketers claim Facebook is their most important platform.

5. Ecommerce click-through rates have tripled since 2017

Despite the average person being subjected to an average of 5,000 ads/day, data shows that more users interested in buying a product are clicking ads to get there.

Convinced? Great!

We’ve created this informative and easy-to-follow guide which will teach you how to create your own Facebook ads without having to make any new hires. Simply follow chapters 1-8 and you’ll be ready to launch your first Facebook campaign!

8 chapters