Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I've signed up as a seller, but now what!?

Please watch our demo video here

Is Shoppe against LuLaRoe compliance?

No, we are very committed to staying compliant with LLR and are positioned to pivot our feature set if needed.

Help! I am trying to register as a seller, but it won't let me!

If you have logged in previously to someone's popup, then you will need to navigate to the login page and try to login. Upon attempting to login, you will be prompted to upgrade your account. Do that.

If you still cannot login, then email us with the email you are trying to login with.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?

Yes, click the "Cancel Account" button from within the account page of your profile. You will have access to your current subscription level until the end of your current billing period.

Can I upgrade my account at anytime?

Yes, the site will prompt you automatically if you need to upgrade. You can also do so manually by visiting your profile page.

I have questions/comments/concerns!

Join our Facebook Consultant Group. Then email us with your Facebook display name and LLR url to let you in!

Note: Your LLR url is the custom url your receive when you join as a consultant. It should look something like

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Our Products


Shoppe Wholesale Marketplace is a place for retailers to buy and sell their products to other retailers outside of Facebook. The Marketplace is a safe and compliant place to transfer inventory.

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Online Sales

Shoppe is an online sales and inventory management platform for direct sales retailers to both sell through social media and outside of.

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Marketeer is an email, sms, and landing page tool that automates the hard parts of selling products online.

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Shoppe Live

Go live directly from Shoppe to sell your products through Facebook Live. Shoppe Live is a `QVC` style broadcasting tool that shows product information on screen, captures sold comments into orders, and interacts with your customers.

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